We are leading traders of Mineral water, agri products of rice, wheat nice, Pulses - sugar, soya, onion, potato, maida, wheat flour. Minerals - bentonite, iron ore, manganese and quartz.

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We are importing manganese 40+ grade and high calorific value coal, from Indonesia and south Africa.Right now our exports are focused around Indonesia, Phillipines, Malayaisia etc..

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We are leading exporters of pulses, agri products and minerals. We focus our imports for the benefit of Indian small, medium and big traders.

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Additional Services

Sharkstone launched a high quality mineral water into the market. For the first time history of mineral water market a 300ml compact, portable and utility size bottle is made available on its own brand.

Matrix Shipping & Logistics is one of our Group Companies which is providing good shipping transportation services to Indian exporters and importers.

Assent Consultancy Services also one of our Group Companies,provides excellant recruiting and man power services.

Our Project consultancy division is fully equiped to identify the best locations for needy claints for setting up any industry in India be it steel, power, mineral based or others..

Shark Stone Group

Sri Kusuma Haranath infra & Mines is one of our group companies which is providing good Mining services..

Assent Consultancy Services also one of our group companies, provides excellant recruiting man power services.